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Welcome to the world of financial investing !! A world that is not only cluttered with multiple investment options, different service providers ( both domestic & multinationals) and hundreds of schemes to decide from but is also constantly changing with the developments in domestic & international markets and is bombarded with new and new schemes & investment options. The more time & effort you invest in trying to understand them the more confusion you end up creating. All this makes investing look like a seemingly improbable task and beyond your reach.

We at Continuum Financial Services, a company started and run by qualified, experienced and professional investment advisors, provide you comprehensive investment advise that takes care of your investment needs and financial goals. We adopt a scientific and disciplined approach towards developing investment strategies that are designed to meet an individuals financial needs and covering the best and most appropriate investment tools currently available in the market. Each & every plan is customized to every extent possible and tailor made to an individuals investment preferences, financial goals, and risk taking ability.

The investment instruments that we widely use are:

Mutual Funds :
A globally proven investment vehicle, Mutual Funds invest in instruments of capital markets which have different risk return profile. As per the data available with AMFI (Association of Mutual Funds in India) the total Assets Under Management of all the Mutual Fund companies in India has crossed 2,00,000 crores as of January 2006. This fast growing industry is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).
There are a wide variety of Mutual Fund Schemes that cater to an individuals needs, whatever the age, financial position, risk tolerance and return expectations.
To know more about the various types of schemes please visit the Mutual Funds section in this site.
Fixed Income:
The primary purpose of adding fixed income to a diversified portfolio is to reduce volatility and ensure liquidity. Fixed Income instruments play and important role in providing downside protection to a portfolio and in building wealth over a longer period of time.
The percentage of assets into safe investments also called sacred assets, which form the base of any well designed portfolio, depends on the individuals risk profile and liquidity requirements.
To know more about the various investment instruments offered by Mutual Funds , Banks and Government undertakings that help preserve capital and generate regular income please visit the Fixed Income section in this site.
Life Insurance :
Life Insurance is a contract by which you can protect your loved ones in your absence. It helps in protecting the economic value of a human life for the benefit of those financially dependent on him/her.
After the opening up of this sector to private players in 2001, a number of international companies have set shop in India in partnership with domestic firms. Increased competition has resulted in new products, lowering of cost structure, flexibility, transparency, higher returns and better service.
We at Continuum can help you assess your insurance needs and select the best and most suitable plans available that not only take care of your protection needs but are also in line with your major financial goals like child education, marriage, retirement etc.,
For more information on Insurance plans please visit the Life Insurance section on this site.
Non Life Insurance :
Continuum provides you another value added service by taking care of all your Non-Life Insurance needs as well. Be it insuring your vehicle or your property or your valuable assets or your family health needs, do not worry about the hassles or paper work. We provide all the services at your door step right from selecting the best service provider to completion of the necessary documentation as well as assisting you in case of any claims.
For more information on various Non Life Insurance plans please do visit the dedicated section on this site.

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